Sad way to end the season for St. John’s

Check out my post game thoughts on St. John’s loss to Robert Morris using the above link to Double G Sports.

A few additional thoughts: 

On any given day any team has the ability to beat any other team.  This teaches us a lesson on how we prepare and the reality that a team or person who is not prepared is only setting themselves up for failure.  When we play sports like the St. John’s Red Storm or like me simply work in an office we need to be mindful of the brand that we represent.  Lack of preparation – something we can control – can’t be something we reflect as part of our personal brand.

This is what is so disappointing about the St. John’s loss to Robert Morris.   If I’m part of the administration at St. John’s I’m annoyed because I don’t want to deal with the negative attention this brings to the improving basketball program.  If I’m part of the coaching staff on the recruiting trail this may be a question that a parent/guardian asks me and one that I would rather not be talking about.

How we conduct ourselves says something about who we are – our brand.  We can’t always control it but we can control how we prepare and hedge our bets that if we prepare then we put ourselves in the best possible position to succeed.

I once interviewed for an internship with the NFL yes that is the National Football League but as a 19 year old college student who just got back home for the summer I wasn’t prepared.  I bombed my interview not because it was tough but because I didn’t come prepared.  I will cut myself some slack I was an immature kid it was a miracle that before LinkedIn I was able to network my way to even get that interview but the reality is that I had an opportunity and I messed it up.  Who knows the path getting that internship would have put me on…in the end the brand I represented didn’t fit with what they were looking for and I don’t blame them I wouldn’t have hired me either.


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